Rubber cutting machines

  • Rubber Roll Slitting Cutting Machine FTJ800
  • Rubber Roll Slitting Cutting Machine FTJ800
  • Rubber Roll Slitting Cutting Machine FTJ800

Rubber Roll Slitting Cutting Machine FTJ800

  • Name: Rubber Slitting Machine

    Model: FTJ800  Fixed blades Export to Nigeria 

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Rubber Roll Slitting Cutting Machine FTJ800



Rubber Roll Slitting Cutting Machine with fixed blades structure, it can slit width of strips less than 20mm. we can accept customized model according to customers requirements

Technical parameters


Working width

Cutter shaft

Motor power

Max. Cutting thickness

Control mode




Slow down a whole


Frequency control

Blade size

Blade material

Slitting width

Cutting  speed

Cutting tool structure

OD130mm Thickness 2mm


High speed steel 9255


12mm, 18mm


Fixed type

rubber cutting machine.jpg

rubber slitting machine.jpg

Package & Delivery



1.One set rubber slitting machine is equipped with 4 knife shafts, each knife shaft have 2 cutting area.

2. Cutting strips width specifications: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 25mm (total of 8 specification)--- fixed blades

3. Users can change different knife shaft according to production demand, one machine multi-purpose, saving cost.


If you would like to get one quotation of the rubber cutting machine, please kindly inform your parameters as following:

1. What is width of your sheet? Thickness?

2. What is the slitting strip width? The blades can be adjustable or fixed? Blades number?

3. What is raw material of your sheet? What is material hardness?


Thanks for your time and attention!

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