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  • Silicone Rubber Band Gasket O Ring Cutting Machine
  • Silicone Rubber Band Gasket O Ring Cutting Machine
  • Silicone Rubber Band Gasket O Ring Cutting Machine

Silicone Rubber Band Gasket O Ring Cutting Machine

  • The rubber band/ring cutting machine is used for cutting all kinds of tubular products (rubber and silicone etc) to gasket, ring.

    Single axis and double axis both can be made.

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Full Automatic Single Shaft Double Shaft Silicone Rubber Band Gasket O Ring Cutting Machine for Rubber Tubes

Usage and feature:

The rubber band/ring cutting machine is used for cutting all kinds of tubular products (rubber and silicone etc) to gasket, ring. The LCD touch screen PLC control all cutting parameters, operation is extremely simple. Machine structure is adopted mechanical action, all electrical components, pneumatic components are international famous brand.

1.Adopt the automatic program control measures of material system, reducing the need to replace the jig to complete before unloading process cumbersome.
2.the cutting machine equipped with imported servo control system, servo motor, imported frequency converter, PLC control, cutting size is precision and reliable.
3.LCD touch-screen control, all the cutting parameters very clear.and the operation is easy.
4.Multi-axis cutter can cut the realization more at the same time,every time greatly improve production efficiency, reduce the cost of production of the factory.

Parameter of Double axis rubber ring cutting machine:

Cutting frequency>120pcs/min
Working speed0~2000r/min
cutting precision≤±0.05mm
Cutting diameter≤Φ110mm 
Cutting length≤200mm or can be customized 400mm long
Cutting thickness≤10mm
Compressed air consumption20L/min
Air pressure0.5MPa~0.8MPa
vacuum degree of work≤-0.035MPa
Total power2.3KW


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