Operation specification for Rubber secondary vulcanization oven

1.The rubber products are spread evenly on the each tray at room temperature.The stacking height of curing products should not exceed the edge height of the tray.Ensure the product is heated evenly and well ventilated.


2.In principle each oven should vulcanize a kind of product every time, prevent mix goods to cause pollution.


3.Please carefully check whether the vent is open to ensure that the air duct and exhaust remain unblocked.


4.Close the oven door, turn on the power supply, turn on the air blower, turn on the heating, adjust the setting temperature, start the timing, and make a good record in the record of secondary vulcanization table.


5.The same material, different vulcanization process of products should be strictly prohibited together with vulcanization, the same vulcanization process with different materials is strictly prohibited with vulcanization heating.


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