Introduction of Silicone rubber secondary vulcanization oven

The secondary vulcanization oven and the post curing oven belong to the same equipment.The peculiar smell of vulcanizing agent and assistant agent can be removed by heating.The inner clean degree of oven can reach 1000 grade dust-free space, with over-temperature protection, quick exhaust, safe and reliable.


Qingdao Zhihongda Machinery co., ltd is a professional manufacturer and saler of all kinds of ovens, we are good at non-standard customized, according to the characteristics of vulcanization products design secondary vulcanization oven and air duct, quick heating speed, high temperature uniformity, temperature stability.


Range of use:

Silicone rubber post curing oven is suitable for all kinds of rubber&silicone products such as automotive oil seals, o-ring sealing, sealing strip, teflon rubber, heat-resistant rubber products preheating vulcanization and secondary vulcanization.

Structure feature:

U-shaped tubular heating tube with stainless steel material are installed in the air ducts of both sides the oven.

◆Long shaft motors are installed on the top of the oven, long service life.

◆Two groove channels in the oven, it is convenient that the trolley puts in or out the oven.

Exterior is adopted fine powder coating treatment; Inner materials are all SUS304 stainless steel.

Between the inner and outer walls of the equipment are filled with high-temperature resistant aluminum silicate, thickness more than 120mm. It can ensure good heat insulation and heat preservation.


Technical parameter of standard models:

(Note: we can accept customized according to your actual requirment)


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