Introduction of Transformer / Motor paint dipping curing oven

Paint dipping curing oven adopts unique hot air circulation system to make the temperature distribution in the working room, the whole process large air volume Air change mode and front air change function, so that the concentration of flammable gas in the oven is always within the safe range.It is a kind of heating and drying equipment specially designed for the dipping paint industry.Widely used for motor dip paint, motor maintenance, transformer dip paint, plastic resin hardening, enameled wire curing, motor rotor drying etc.


Structure of oven:

1.    Working room size:can design according to customers requirement.

2.    Oven body fixing: the oven is fixed on the smooth ground.

3.    Exterior is adopted fine powder coating treatment; Inner materials are all SUS304 stainless steel.

4.    Frame and reinforcement material: 8#-14# channel steel and 5# Angle steel welded

5.    thermal insulation material: between the inner and outer walls of the equipment are filled with high-temperature resistant aluminum silicate, thickness more than 120mm. which is used for heat insulation and heat preservation.

Temperature control:

1. Temperature control instrument: intelligent temperature control instrument, PID adjustment, with automatic temperature control and constant temperature function.

It can be achieved: Start timing when the temperature reaches the set value, and give an alarm when the time reaches the set value.

2. Heating element:adopt U-shaped tubular heating tube.

3. Heating tube installation position: both sides of drying area.

4. Working temperature: room temperature~300 , can be arbitrary adjusted.

5.Sensitivity of temperature control: + / - 1

6. Heating rate: 5-6 ℃ /min

Hot air circulation:

1. Blower motors: several 750W or 1100W blower motors are installed on the top of the oven.

2. Air supply: Hot air come from the left and right sides air ducts of the oven, top ruturn air.

3.Loading flat car: two tracks are set in the oven to land on the ground. The loading flat car runs on the extended track. The load capacity can be more than 2T.

4.Explosion-proof door:

A small explosion-proof door is arranged on the back of the oven.When the pressure inside the oven is too high, the explosion-proof door on the back will be flicked automatically to achieve the effect of reducing pressure and explosion-proof.

Constant temperature and timing function:

The timer is installed on the control dial. The constant temperature time can be set arbitrarily between 1min to 99.99h. When the constant temperature time reaches the set value, there will be a buzzer alarm and cut off the heating power.

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