Rubber cutting machines

  • Rubber Cutter Slitter Machine FTJ600
  • Rubber Cutter Slitter Machine FTJ600
  • Rubber Cutter Slitter Machine FTJ600

Rubber Cutter Slitter Machine FTJ600

  • Name: Rubber Cutter Machine

    Model: FTJ600  Fixed blades

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Rubber Sheet Belt Cutter Slitter Machine Export to India in 2021


Descriptions of Rubber Cutter Machine:

 1.The Rubber Sheet Belt Cutter Machine is used for cutting various kinds of rubber sheet, plastic,leather,belt, cardboard and other nonmetallic material.  It is adopted the round blade, the width of cutting strips is regular. The distance of between blades can not be adjusted.

2.The customized rubber sheet slitting machine can cut strips width is 9mm and 18mm , that means one machine with two tool shafts , one is 9mm, another is 18mm , Users can change the tool shaft according to production needs.

Advantages of Rubber Cutter Machine


1The cutting tool structure is adopted fixed blades, high cutting precision.

2Blade material is high speed steel 9255, The knife edge is sharp and the incision is straight and beautiful, and blades with long service life.

3.) Feed table is installed limited position device, it can ensure straight cutting.

Technical parameters of Rubber Cutter Machine:

Working width

Cutter shaft

Motor power

Max. Cutting   thickness

Control mode





Frequency control

Blade size

Blade material

Slitting width

Cutting  speed

Cutting tool   structure



High speed steel 9255


9mm, 18mm


Fixed type

Products pictures of Rubber Cutter Machine:

Package and Delivery of Rubber Sheet Slitter Machine:

rubber slitter machine package.jpg

Before we quote, please kindly tell the following parameters:

1.    What is max.width of your sheet?  Thickness?

2.    What is the width range of slitting strip? The blades can be adjustable or fixed? Blades number?

3.    What is raw material of your sheet? What is the material hardness?

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