Rubber cutting machines

  • Rubber Belt Slicing Machine FTJ1000
  • Rubber Belt Slicing Machine FTJ1000

Rubber Belt Slicing Machine FTJ1000

  • Rubber Belt Slicing Machine

    Model: FTJ1000blades can be adjustable

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Rubber belt slicing machine



Rubber splitting machine can be cutting various kinds of rubber sheet, paper and plastic, leather, conveyor belt, cardboard and other non-metallic sheet with a certain hardness. It is adopted the round blade, the width of cutting strips can be adjusted, the speed is steady and uniform.



Technical parameters


Model: FTJ1000

Working width:1000mm

Cutting speed:  8~10m/min

Cutting sheet thickness:  max 25mm

Cutting strips width:  20-1000mm (the blades can be adjusted freely)

Cutting length: unlimited

Standard Number of blades: 10 pcs

(the number of blades can be added according to customers request)

Motor power:  1.5KW

weight: approx  600KG

Dimensions: approx  1900×980×1400mm


We can produce other models, such as 800mm,1000mm, 1200mm,1500mm, 2000mm etc. 


Product pictures

rubber cutter 2.jpg

rubber cutting machine 1.jpg


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