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  • Lateritic Ore Hot Air Drying Oven
  • Lateritic Ore Hot Air Drying Oven
  • Lateritic Ore Hot Air Drying Oven

Lateritic Ore Hot Air Drying Oven

  • Model: 1500x1500x1500

    Usage: this oven is used for lateritic ore,  clay mineral,nickel laterite drying, remove the water.

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Lateritic Ore Hot Air Drying Oven


Hot air drying oven adopts energy saving and environmental protection new heating technology,  so it pay more attention on the energy saving and security. When it is absorbed by the heating material, it can become the heating energy, which can shorten production cycle and improve the quality of production. It is a ideal and bright prospect dryer equipment with using convenient and obvious effect.


The drying ovens are widely used in drying industry, such as lateritic ore,  clay mineral,nickel laterite etc,Rapid moisture removal.


Technical parameters:


Product name 

 Hot Air Oven



Working temperature scope


Working room size

1500x1500x1500mm   (DXWXH)

Heating power

30 KW

Temperature control precision


Heating component

stainless steel   electric heating tube

Uniform temperature


Motor power

750W * 2set

Inner device

1.Three removable   Stainless steel punched-tray(shelf), Load capacity of per shelf 200kg.

2.Three trays gap at   approx 380 mm height.


1.The hot air ovens adopt both sides air duct out of the wind,   horizontal cyclic heating. Heating elements are installed in the air ducts of   both sides of the oven, motors are installed on the top of the oven, The door   buckle is alloy hinge and up and down buckle type tie rod.

2.The electric control cabinet is installed on one side.


Interior material is adopted   SUS304 stainless steel plate, Exterior material is made of A3   cold-pressed carbon steel plate with fine powder coating treatment.

Thermal insulation material

1. Thermal insulation layer of door: high temperature   resistant silicone strips forced tight (If the temperature over 220 , It should be adopted the aluminum   silicate strips)

2.Between the inner and outer walls of the equipment are filled with   high-temperature resistant aluminum silicate, which is used for heat   insulation and heat preservation.Thickness   100mm.


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