Motor Coil Hot Air Circulating Oven

  • Electrical Motor Curing Oven With Motorized Trolley
  • Electrical Motor Curing Oven With Motorized Trolley

Electrical Motor Curing Oven With Motorized Trolley

  • Feature: Electrical Motor Curing Oven is equipped with Automatic cart(trolley), in and out oven with switch control.

    Model: 2000×2000×2100 ( DxWxH)

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Electrical Motor Curing Oven With Motorized Trolley




Electrical Motor Hot Air Curing Oven With Motorized Trolley, equipped with light rail wheels, It can realize automatic control of electric motor, transformer and other large workpieces in and out of the oven, very convenient and fast.


Technical parameters


Product name 

Hot Air Curing Oven



Working temperature   scope


Working room size

2000×2000×2100mm( DxWxH)

The height from the   flat car surface to the inner top is 2100mm

Heating power


Temperature control   precision


Heating component

stainless steel   electric heating tube

Uniform temperature


Motor power

750W * 4sets

Inner device

1.    One flat car with light rail wheels

2.    3 stainless steel tray

3.    Automatic trolley, in and out switch control.



Products pictures

Transformer Curing Oven.jpg





Packing and Delivery

 Cutting Rewinder Machine Package.jpg



Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: 1. one piece in one carry bag

              2. Suitable quantity to an export carton

              3. No other packing accessories in regular

              4. Customer required packing is available


Shipping: by air, sea, or railway




Our Service


 1. Good knowledge on different market can meet special requirements. 

2. Real manufacturer with our own factory located in Qingdao City of China 

3. Strong professional technical team ensure to produce the top quality products.

4. Special cost control system ensure to provide the most favorable price.

5. Rich experience on hot air curing equipment.







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