Rubber cutting machines

  • Rubber slitter machine 1000mm
  • Rubber slitter machine 1000mm

Rubber slitter machine 1000mm

  • Model: FTJ1000

    Cutting width: 10mm

    Cutting tool is not adjustable

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Rubber slitter machine 1000mm



This rubber slitting machine is mainly used for cutting all kinds of rubber, leather, synthetic materials etc.The cutting width is 10mm and the cutting tool is not adjustable.



Technical parameters


Model: FTJ1000

Working width:1000mm

Cutting speed:  8~16m/min

Cutting thickness:  max 25mm

Cutting strips width: 10mm

Cutting length:  any length

Number of circle blades: 86pcs(OD=160mm)

Material of blades: high speed steel.

Motor power: 3 KW

Weight: approx  550KG

Dimensions: 1400×1200×900mm (LXWXH)

Packing: standard wooden case


We can produce other models, such as 800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1600mm, 1800mm,2000mm etc. 


Product pictures

rubber splitting machine.jpg

rubber slitting machine.jpg

rubber slitter.jpg

When Cutting different thickness of materials, Please rotate the right and left hand shanks (in red marks below picture), thereby adjusting the upper and lower tool shaft clearance .


Tape can be fully cut through, also can not cut through, convenient winding roll.The adhesive strip can be torn off with a slight force of the hand.


Please check the following testing pictures by our test machine:

Rubber slitter testing.jpgRubber slitter testing.jpg

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